Inception Fertility Ventures was founded with an ambitious goal, to create a family of organizations intent on improving the way patients experience the journey of infertility. Our common purpose is to achieve the highest bar in experience, science, and medicine – no exceptions.

Our purpose informs and inspires every decision we make at every level of the enterprise. Driving this mission is a management team with a proven track record, a commitment to excellence, and a compelling personal story for the reason behind this drive (his name is Wyatt).

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The birth of Wyatt...and an idea

"After two years of IVF, along with frustration and tears, we welcomed our son, Wyatt, into the world.
His birth was the beginning of the ideas that came together for the founding of Inception Fertility.
Our goal was to take each experience we had in our attempt to start a family and make it better.
And we will strive every day to ensure that each patient for which we have the privilege of caring
has nothing less than a five-star experience."

TJ Farnsworth, Founder and CEO

Executive Team

Over 100 years combined experience making health care better.

TJ Farnsworth

Founder and CEO
Board Manager

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Mark Montondon

President of Corporate Development

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Mark Kehoe

Chief Operating Officer

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James Grifo, M.D., PhD

Chief Executive Physician

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Bryan Markworth

Chief Information Officer

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Adrian Elzora

Chief Strategy Officer

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Lisa Duran

Chief Experience Officer

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Tanya Hague

Regional COO, Prelude Fertility Centers, Labs & ASC

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Julie Farris

SVP, Human Resources

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Bradley Wilson

VP, Finance

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Leigh Herzog

Regional COO, New York & New England

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Melanie Chase

VP, Product Management and Service Delivery

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Art McClure

SVP, Business Development

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Board of Directors

Our breadth of expertise gives us a strong foundation to build upon.

our services

Our common purpose is to achieve the highest bar in experience, science, and medicine - no exceptions. This drives patient convenience, streamlined communications and clinical continuity, all of which work together to reduce stress, enhance each patient's experience and achieve better outcomes. Through Inception Fertility Venture’s family of organizations, Inception works to deliver on its promise to push the envelope of what is possible for exceeding the expectations of patients seeking fertility treatment.

As the #1 frozen donor egg bank in North America, MyEggBank has helped thousands of people grow their families with our innovative technology, an extensive selection of donors and compassionate care for each family. MEB is one of the pioneers in fertility and was the first frozen donor egg bank that used vitrification technology. With over 100 affiliate clinics in the MEB network, we have one of the largest and most diverse selection of egg donors and have been able to offer patients industry-leading guarantees.

The Wyatt Foundation

The Wyatt Foundation was created by Inception Fertility Ventures to provide access to fertility services for patients with a financial need. While some states offer insurance coverage for fertility services, many patients with the desire to start a family simply are not able to afford some or all aspects of the treatments. This is the need the Wyatt Foundation was formed to address. A tax-exempt non-profit, the Wyatt Foundation helps reduce the financial barriers to IVF through scholarships awarded based on financial need and clinical factors determining potential success.